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GetFLV is your complete Web Video Windows solution
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Now that almost everybody is surfing the net with a high speed broadband connection, there's a ton of great video out there. And more and more sites are using Flash Video (FLV) as their streaming video solution of choice. It's very easy and nice that we can watch these FLV videos in our browser. However, it's very difficult to download FLV video files to our local disk. Then what should you do if you want to download and save your favorite FLV videos? GetFLV will help you.

GetFLV is a powerful flv audio ripper. It can perfectly extract FLV audio to mp3 or other audio formats. Now you can convert a FLV video to a MP3 file and enjoy it in your iPod.

It is a powerful flv converter to convert regular video files to FLV files. It can perfectly convert all kinds of regular video files without any extra codecs. Now you can transfer your iPod videos to Youtube.

You can launch Convert Video to FLV in GetFLV. Within 5 steps, you can convert FLV Video for you.

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