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GetFLV is a studio intended to perform different operations on FLV files
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Flash Video (FLV) is a proprietary container format used to stream video over the Internet. It has the advantage of being supported by most operating systems, which has made it the most widely used Internet video format.
GetFLV is an all-in-one studio intended to perform different operations on FLV files. In this regard, this application can do the job of some other individual tools as it will let you download, convert, repair and extract audio from FLV video files.
Its easy-to-use interface has a lateral bar, which will become the central element to navigate the various features. This way, instead of facing a crowded interface, you will focus on the needed function. However, I noticed some workflow problems in the way these tools are related.
The first utility is a built-in browser that will let you browse the Internet as you normally do. The initial page will provide information and links about using the application. This browser will become the initial step, because it will strip a list of the URLs of the videos included in the visited page. From this list, you can select those videos you want to download. The second utility is precisely an FLV download accelerator, which will work as most downloaders by splitting the target file into segments that can be downloaded simultaneously. At this point, you can also ask the program to convert the downloaded video to another format. The third feature is a converter supporting MP4, 3GP, AVI and MOV as output formats while the fourth will convert from the above mentioned formats to Flash. The fifth tool will allow you to extract audio from any video format. Finally, there is a tool to repair damaged Flash movies.
I have recently noticed that there is an upsurge of similarly looking converters, which has made me wonder if they are really the same piece of software with different names. While testing the software, I noticed that some of the design elements make this application look very similar to other converters around. This made me suspect GetFLV is developed by the same shadow company. Soon, flaws began to appear. It was identified as a virus by Avast and it made my computer freeze a couple of times. Also, the program cannot really download video from all the websites listed. Finally, my browsers (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla) have begun not to open YouTube, presumably due to this program’s activities. What is more, a quick Internet search showed that some users are complaining about different bugs while others say this program is a scam.
My advice: if you are really interested in this application, you had better download the trial version and test it by yourself. However, I am sure that you will find better, less expensive (or even free) similar software.

Pedro Castro
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  • It is easy to use
  • It includes several features


  • It was reported as containing a virus by Avast
  • It made my computer freeze
  • It has some bugs
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