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Optimize the download and launch times for web videos
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Enhance and optimize the work of VLC Player with web-based video content. Download the files directly from the source, split them into smaller parts to speed the process up. Save and convert MP4, WMV, 3GP, AVI, and MOV clips modified for portable or regular devices.

Getting Flash content from the Web is not always an easy task. Many times, FLV content does not have a straightforward URL that you can paste onto your regular download manager, and there is where GetFLV comes to the rescue. This program will check your active page in search of any Flash content, live or otherwise, and will let you download it, edit it, enhance it, and even convert it.

Though GetFLV is perfectly capable of downloading other types of files, it has been clearly designed to detect and grab Flash Video. Hence the difficulties it sometimes finds in simply downloading a video from YouTube. For cases when grabbing a certain content becomes a challenge, you can always rely on the program’s capturing capabilities, which will let you record any streaming video (or any other activity taking place on your desktop, for that matter) and save it as an MP4 file, for instance.

Once the video is on the program’s downloads list, you can perform various tasks with it – you can convert it from FLV to MP4 and vice versa, you can clip it and leave out any unwanted parts, improve the image quality, extract its audio stream and save it as an MP3 file, add a watermark to it, etc.

You can browse for your desired media directly from the program itself by making use of its built-in browser. The program will “scan” the active page at short intervals looking for existing or new Flash content, and will create a list of candidates just below your active webpage. From there, you can easily select which of those videos you wish to download, though the cryptic URLs associated with them, it’s not always easy to know which is which. You can also make use of its Batch Downloader and paste there the URLs of the videos you’re interested in grabbing.

While testing the program’s trial version I encountered some difficulties in downloading media from some of the pages that you can access directly by clicking on the links provided in the program’s browser. Its response time to the user’s actions is not the fastest, and more than once the program’s just froze and closed down.

GetFLV comes in two flavors – a Pro version that removes all download limitations present in the trial (only half of the file is downloaded unless you purchase a license) and allows you to install it in three different devices, and a Golden version for 5 devices with unlimited upgrades.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Download videos in batches
  • Add creative effects to your videos
  • Extracts the audio to an MP3 file
  • Record streaming video


  • Converts FLV to MP4 only
  • Shows an erratic behavior at times
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